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Children in Classroom

Speech and Language Therapy to give your child a voice

You have waited and waited for your child to express themselves; to tell you what they want or to hear them say, "I love you!"
You visit doctors and specialists and are either given life changing diagnoses or are told to "wait and see."
You watch as your child becomes increasingly frustrated by their communication difficulties and begin to show challenging behaviors.
At Kids Speak we offer evidence based tools to help your child develop communication skills so they don't have to be defined by their diagnoses or the behaviors.

Jenni, mom of client

"Though not new to parenting, I was new to parenting a child with special needs.  Kathy was very through when it came not only to treating my son, but explaining to me what she was working with him on and what I could do at home to help reinforce her sessions with my son. She wasn't just an SLP, she became part of the family."

Cindy, mom of client

"I was so glad that I had Kathy when I did for my son's speech therapy. She was awesome and made such a difference. He made so many strides while he he was with her. I am so thankful for all she was able to do. It was sad when he aged out of services."
Family Together

About Kids Speak

At Kids Speak, We know that you, as parents, want to give your child the world.  having a child who struggles to communicate can be very frustrating.  using both traditional therapy and computer assisted language tools (such as augmentative communication), we know your child can develop the skills you so long to see! So, schedule your free consultation today! We will discuss your child and their needs. We will also set up an evaluation so we can develop a treatment plan that we will follow as we do therapy and parent training.

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