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About Me

My name is Kathy Kroemer.  I am a speech language pathologist living in Fort Wayne, IN.  I share my life with my fiancé, three amazing daughters, 2 dogs, 4 bunnies, and 3 cats.  We have a full house where love, and sometimes insanity, abound!


I have been practicing speech therapy in different settings for 25 years.  Most of my experience is with children, however I have worked with adults for a short time.  My passion is helping people be able to communicate effectively.  I love to hear stories of the first time a child told their caregivers they loved them, or were able to communicate their wants and needs effectively!  The joy on their faces as they realize the power that communication gives them fires my desire to do more.

Please feel free to contact me.  I am more than willing to discuss your child's specific needs and help formulate a plan to help them be successful.  Good communication skills are so important for academic and community success.  Let me help you start them on the path to success!

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