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Kids Feeling Crafty?

Keeping your kids away from screens is hard! It is important to give them lots of alternatives! Here are a few of my favorites available right now on Amazon.

Ages 2-5

These button crafts look super cute! Great for following directions or for using your imagination!

These paper plate crafts seem like a world of fun! Great for building fine motor skills and also using imagination to play when they are finished!

Dinosaurs are all the rage! Give your little one a chance to build their own dinosaur. Be ready for some Jurassic fun when they are finished!!!

Ages 4-8

These origami projects look like so much fun. Spend some quality time with your child making adorable folded projects!!!

Diamond painting is very popular these days. These smaller projects are just right for shorter attention spans. Familiar characters appear to be included as well.

If diamond art is not your child's cup of tea, try these paint by numbers. Super cute, and fairly large painting areas for refining fine motor skills.

Ages 9-adult

My teenaged daughters love making friendship bracelets. This would be a hit for any kid. Who am I kidding I think it is pretty cool too!

These coasters would make a beautiful addition to any home! they also look like they would be great fun to make!!!

Last, but certainly not least, these Woobles crochet sets tempt me every time they pop up in my Facebook feed! SO for I have withstood the temptation, but... one of these days!!!

Please remember that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However I hope that you get a great deal of enjoyment out of the items I find!

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