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Kids Speak - a dream come true!!

So, here we are at the very beginning. Hopefully, my dream is something poised to meet the needs of my community!!!

The mission of Kids Speak is to provide evidence based therapy services throughout Indiana, in order to give kids the communication skills they need to succeed. Seems like a lofty goal, so as I start out, I want to lay out what that looks like to me.

Evidence based therapy services sound like buzzwords. What it breaks down to is that I will be using treatment methods that have been studied and determined to be effective either in a medical or educational model. The American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) provides a wealth of information in this area. My decision to focus on the state of Indiana is based on my current licensure. If someone outside of Indiana indicates an interest in my services, my goal would be to find someone licensed in their state to help them. In the future, I may pursue other licenses in other states, if the need is indicated.

The final portion of my mission statement addresses the communication skills that the need for success. Many things can impede communication, speech disorders can make intelligibility an issue, language disorders could hinder a child have difficulty understanding others or expressing their own ideas. Therapy services would be targeted to address these areas. I eagerly invite you to join me on this journey! I will use this blog to inform about upcoming events and to share about interesting communication related topics.

Thanks in advance for sharing a few minu tea with me!!!

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