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Summer Boredom Hitting Yet?

Your kids couldn't wait for school to end. Now you cant wait for it to start for the fall! If you had a nickel for every time your kids told you they were bored, you could probably fund a nice vacation! Video games and tablets are great for a little while but all of the research shows us that imaginative and interactive play skills suffer when our kids live in front of screens.

Here are links to the top 10 toys I would have loved to have as a kid, or wish my own children had! These links will take you to Amazon where they can be shipped to your door as soon as tomorrow!

These first few items are great for a little fun competition! Set up your own Backyard Olympics. Or compete parents against children, boys against girls, whatever works for your family or neighborhood group.

Stomp Rockets now makes stomp race cars!!!! I am really thinking about ordering a set of these to use in therapy. There are so many concepts that can be taught. Stomping hard and soft, Going far, going fast and slow.

For every day play these come as a set of two making them great for races or demolition derbies. So many fun ideas!

Go a little old school and play hopscotch. These squares make it nice to be able to play wherever you are. You can use them indoors or out. In the grass, on a sidewalk or even on the beach!!!

Playing catch is so much easier with these toys. A bigger target makes it so much easier to connect. The ball sticks so fewer drops. Less discouragement for new catch players.

Imagination is such an important skill to develop in a child. Imaginative play builds language and social skills. Not to mention it is fun! How cool to play that you own a food truck. Maybe build a love of cooking in your child early!!

It is not too late to plant a small garden with your child. These child sized tools are just right for little hands. If you don't have the space for a garden, you could let your child's imagination run wild and grow!

Camping has so many fun memories for me. I saw this set and wished that my kids were young enough to play with it. Enjoy making memories from your back yard!!

Magic play sand is such an awesome play toy. Develop the creativity in your child and their friends. Let them make the items that they love. Play with on a cookie sheet for less mess to clean up later!!!

Sand and water tables are such a big hit!! they are a great way for kids to learn to play together. So much activity to talk about and build language activity.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love bubbles. So many bubbles. What more is there to say!

What kid can't be kept busy in a play tent with a ball pit for hours. Add the basketball hoop and you have a great setting for lots of fun!!

Please be aware that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However, you can trust that I would never recommend a product that I would not order for myself or my loved ones.

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